I ran into a pink squirrel hatch on always clear creek (garvin) this morning, picked up 4 in a half hour, all about 14 inches. Water temps were a cool 52 so I head to, dare I say, chocolate creek, SBWW., in search of warmer water and light hendricksons. My timing was perfect, 58 degrees, and not five minutes later did the fish start rising. I am not even going to say how many fish I caught becuase it was insane…I had to take breaks because my rod arm was cramping. Hatch started tearing at 1 – final tail off around 5:30. took all fish on number 16 light hendrickson patterns, NOT YELLOW BODIED. At the sart of the hatch the fish were streamlined, at the end of it they were football shaped. Biggest fish taken was 19″. ALL BROWNS were caught today, none were kept, and barely a scratch was left on them with my barbless hooks. I ran into some tourists looking for the “ROCK GOD”. The kids started throwing rocks in and thought they were fooling me into thinking they were rtising fish. I can tell the difference. I ran into 2 groups of bait anglers that were getting skunked and had been all day. They were upset that the bugs were hatching and the fish were eating them. They wanted dinner with there worms. I told them they might get lucky and catch some suckers and sent them to a good redhorse hole on the main branch. All in all excellent day…..I am now icing my arm. I will need to take at LEAST tomorrow off. maybe I’ll get back out monday, if my body can handle it. daily total for taken fish…60.