Day 3 of chumming in the same spot produced 6 fish. 21,22, 23(2), 24, 30. All taken on an orange squirrel and a 4wt. I took 4 fish on one fly and then stuck the fly in my hat!

I fished for 2 hours and at the end of the day I started to cast into the same damn tree that has been eating my flies. Well I got it back, 2 flies lost in 2 days, today the last time I hooked it I pulled off the clump of leaves that came back to me with my 2 previously lost flies and the one I just hooked in there. WOOO HOOO!!

The wood ticks aare becoming a serious problem and today I lost the felt sole to the left boot foot of my Orvis tailwaters $400 waders that I got in January.