I got skunked today, but the clear skies and high winds made the fishing really tough, the fish could see me too easy, I couldn;t cast where I wanted to , and the fly did not have enough weight to get down fast enough to the sucker mouths. the winds were 20+mph.
I tried a split to get the weight down but it kerplunked to loud and the only way i could cast it was to be over 15 feet away from the fish to not spook them, it was hard to get a good drift to the fish and mending would have spooked em.
Saw lots of monsters though, hooked 2, it took my tippet……0x tomorrow. the fish are WAY too strong..they take – figure out they were hooked and BAM out of the creek into the lake they go…its great. I cannot wait for the new fiberglass circa 1960’s fenwick glass 6 wt with the fighting butt Carp rod I get this weekend!!
By my clock spawning will start this week.