Quincy Bridge – Middle Branch Whitewater.

We started the morning bright and early fishing for rainbows in the lunker structure. Dad took one about 10 inches on a crawler. Ran into a conservation officer, he told us to fish below Elba. Lots of other fishermen coming through. The spring beauties and rues started to carpet bloom around 10. Midge were hatching.

Beaver Bridge – Main Branch Whitewater

We worm fished the hole upstream from the highway bridge. Got 2 nice shorthead redhorse. James got 1, I got one. Dad got really sick and hit the road for home. James and I headed up to the confluence with Beaver Creek to get him in on his first fly fishing action. The caddis hatch never materialized and they were few and far between. James still managed to catch 2 12 inch browns with pot bellies. I missed all of my takes. We fished a number 14 EHC.

Eagle Cliff – Root River

WE joined the roughfish.com crew at Eagle Cliff. Roughfishing spawning suckers. the redhorse were everywhere. Just amazing. James took 6, I took one(legally). Shortheads, silvers, and goldens…it was a potporri.