Fished the main branch and got on around 1. The caddis were off on beaver were I entered. Not too many fish on the WW keyed n the hatch yet. The dog didn;t care for them either, I guess he prefers mayflies.
Hlf hour later the hatch was going full bore and the rising started. I took nine between a few holes. Had to do some technical casting to rising fish, to my amazment I was able to put it in the 6 inch span between a log and the bank in the 25 mph winds. I took 9. The biggest being 22 inches.
All of the fish were football shaped, as obviously they have been gorging themselves on caddis.
I fished a 14 DHC with dark wings and a gray body.
The dog was wore out after 2 hours of fishing and wanted to go. I was amazed..he was the one wanting to leave. Headed over to crystal springs on SB to see what was happening. 10 cars at the bridge.
The bridge hole had MANY fewer trout in it than a few weeks ago and there were 4 – 5 dead ones on the bottm. The bait fishermen I presume.
There are still a few pigs in there that would push 18+ and lots of suckers. I took 3 more on a tungsten head rabbit claw #10. 2 browns 1 bow.
Most of the fish were in the 9-12″ range for the day. SB had a much lighter caddis hatch than main and the bugs were signifigantly smaller.
I noticed a few BWO’s size 18+ flying here as well. Water temp 61 – main branch, 58 SB. I also noticed MORE than a handful of stoneflies and the caddis on the main branch ranged from mostly 14 to size 18. Also flying plenty of asian lady bird bettles, black flies, and midge.
The Bluebells are up. Dutchmens britches are out in force, Spring Beauty and False Rue Anenome are also carpeting certain sections of the forest.