Fishing with the Urban Carp Project aka Tony


Golden Valley, MN

Fish taken on #10 crane fly larva. As for Tony’s fish???? I dont really know what he was using, but this guy knows his carp!!

Tony – 1/1, HDS – 1/3. First fish broke the 5x tippet, second one in photo, and taken at Tony’s storm sewer ditch, third hhook up in Theo Wirth, It looked like a foul hook, but the hook came out so who knows???

I returned to Tony’s storm sewer ditch and caught about a dozen tiny blue gill in 15 minutes, but no more ghost.

The fishing was AWESOME! We were sight fishing the mud flats to tailing ghosts…JUST AWESOME. The one I landed was actually tailing about 3 feet in front of me, I put the fly down in front of her and watched her take.

Carp..the BEST gamefish in america, if you have yet to target carp on a fly rod you are missing out!!

Hell of a day!!