First off still beat to hell. Secondly water temps are hovering at 60 degrees from cold spring down stream to Beaver Creek. The caddis are FLURRYING, size 16 dark body , gray colored wings. The denser swarms were at cold spring, quicy was light, MB at beaver was moderate, Beaver at first bridge was heavy.
Fish only lightly keyed on hatch, or they were gorged by the time I got there. Time on the water for me was 4:00pm at Cold spring and off at 7:00 on MB WW near the confluence with beaver.
Make sure you bring the right flies, I got a VERY bad report from an outstanding guide from the area and was on the water with only 3 caddis patterns. One got broke off by a fish, the next one disappeared during a cast, and the third broke when I went to crimp the barb (damn orvis flies), all withing 15 mins.
Needless to say I was in bug watching mode more than fish catching.