March 10, 04, brought the stop to the rainy sleety weather in Chicago and the surrounding area. I had coerced Mr. Peter Mullet from Mongofly to go and chase the steelies with me in the upper section of Salt Creek. We knew that after saturday’s muddy water experience we would catch fish and be able to spot them easier in the clearing flow.

Peter picked me up around noon in his Mercedes g-Wagon and off to Indiana we go. The bait shop that we picked up our licenses at was an experience. but there and again bait fishermen are an experience as. thank you for the the licenses Sir.

12:45pm gets us to the entry. There are 2 cars at the spot, one carful and on single fly angler. The report is that the fish are not on the bite and that they are holding tight to the logs. Get some polarized glasses boys and give up the spawn sacs!

Bwo’s are flying in the brief walk through the brush and the air temp is 52 degrees farenheit. Water is still a bit off color but doable.

Within 2 mins we see our first fish. Spooked em. 2 more mins brings another fish only to be spooked. I added some tippet to my leader taking it down to 3x and retied the size 6 translucent zonker. This was to be the most effective pattern of the day.

I went 4/6 fishing for 4 hours in the 38 degree farhenheit flows. Mr. Mullet went 3/3 with his orange egg sucking bugger.

It was a great day to be out. The steelies were not in there in force and we both spotted many smolt swimming with their bigger cousins. Fish were holding in log jams and in the bellies of short runs. Precise casting was required with light tippets and the gumption to be able to keep the fish out of the logs.