Time 11:00AM-4:30PM

Air temp 46 degrees farenheit

Water temp 54 degrees farenheit

BWO(Baetis) -30+/per, sz. 18-24++. wing casing developed, fourth instars

Dark Hendrickson – 5/per, 4th instar with wing pads.

March Brown(stenonema vicarium)- 4/per, sz. 12-16

Riffle Beetles – 2/per, sz. 18

Golden Stones – 1/per, sz. 16

Conditions – Water: clear and low

Weather: partly sunny, north west wind 5-30mph.

I took dad out for some dry fly action today. The wind was furious and cold. The hatch didn’t start until around 3:15 when water temps finally hit 54 degrees. The Baetis Vagans took there time after hatching and rode on the surface for about 30 seconds before flying. BWO’s were coming off upon arrival.

During the vagans hatch the water BOILED with rising fish. Dad took 2 fish on a #18 parachute adams. His biggest was 14 inches. I took 15 fish. Fish were hitting a gray bodied/grizzly hackled BWO #18 trailer until vagnas hatch were the fish only took the #16 DH pattern.

The hatch was only for about 30 minutes. During the hatch we had a stint where both rods were down due to break offs of the 7x and because both of our hands were too cold and cramped to switch over to 5x and to get flies on, despite having the flies on threaders.

Of all of the fish taken only 2 were browns. The biggest browns being 17″, 15″, and 13″. the biggest bow was 16″ and most were in the 8-12″ range. Fresh raceway rainbows from the DNR stocking program without a doubt.

There were way more bows in the water since wednesday. Mark your calenders.

The smaller BWO hatch was light. Midge hatch was moderate throughout the day.