Time 1:00PM-4:20PM

Air temp 64 degrees farenheit

Water temp 54 degrees farenheit

Small BWO’s and midge coming off upon arrival. Baetis vagans started when smaller BWOs began to slow around 1:45 and hatched until about 3:45. The smaller BWOs started again around 4. The smaller BWO hatch was light. Midge hatch was moderate throughout the day. Baetis vagans hatch became heavy and was localized in shaded areas of the creek.

BWO(Baetis) -30+/per, sz. 18-24++. wing casing developed, fourth instars

Dark Hendrickson – 5/per, 4th instar with wing pads.

March Brown(stenonema vicarium)- 4/per, sz. 12-16

Riffle Beetles – 2/per, sz. 18

Golden Stones – 1/per, sz. 16

Conditions – Water: clear and low

Weather: partly sunny, south west wind 5-15mph.

I skipped work today to go find the baetis hatch. I fished crooked creek and got there around 1. The bwo’s were coming off. Fished a #18 bwo pattern and did good, first cast first fish. Baetis vagans started around 2, switched to a number 16 DH pattern. I didn’t move a step for the whole day. Fished one hole. Ended the term on the hole with my 20th fish being a 20 inch brown. 16 browns, 4 rainbows. Nice! I thought it was a sign. On my walk back to the car I noticed a wake coming from the riffles. Muskrat! I thought, unitl the wake was perpendicular to me, HUGE rainbow!!! I had yet to see a bow of that size in a spring creek so I decided to cast to it. It paid no heed. So I hung the fly back up and watched er swim to a small belly behind a rock in the long slow run. Perfect! Rise she did! my chance!! first cast, perfect!! she took. 5 minute battle on the 7x landed me a 25″ bow!!!
Hell of a day to skip work and fish!