Time 10:00AM – 1:00PM

Air temp 58 degrees farenheit

Water temp 52 degrees farenheit

Conditions – Cloudy and windy

pH level 7.5

March Brown(stenonema vicarium)- 5/per, sz. 16-18

Brown Caddis – 3/per, sz. 18

Blood Midge – larvae 10+/per, sz 22

pupae 5/per, sz. 20

Black midge hatch started at noon and were size 18-20. The hatching bugs got larger as the hatch went through its duration.

The flows were fast and there was considerable pressure here. Orange scuds with a hare’s ear trailer with 2 BB sized oxidized/tarnished splits picked up fish on the foam lines.

DJS had his reel seat fall apart on his Loomis 5 wt. and promptly switch to the panther martin. He caught two browns, one 6″ and one 10″.

The midge started to come off around noon with the smaller rainbows readily taking the offerings in the shallows at the tails of pools.

We noticed many asian lady bird beatles flying throughout the day.