2004-03-26_Garvin Brook

The black midge were swarming today!

Time 10:00AM – 12:00AM

Air temp 54 degrees farenheit

Water temp 46 degrees farenheit

BWO(Baetis) -30+/per, sz. 18-24++. wing casing developed, fourth instars

March Brown(stenonema vicarium)- 1/per, sz. 20

Tube Caddis – 25+/per, sz. 18, bright green

Rock Tube Caddis – 5/per

Scuds – 5/per, sz. 16

Blood Midge – 10+/per, sz 22

The rain last night left the brook unaffected. Water was clear and low. Conditions were overcast. Fish were holding in the tails of pools and in shallow runs. The lunkers – I mean 4+ lbs are still living in the HI work. If I could catch that fish!!!

There were a few black flies on my car when I returned. The creeping charlie are green and a few other plants are starting to come up in this valley.

BWO nymphs are in there fourth instars, they will be lightly hatching today with heavier hatches following after this weekend.