2004-03-14_ NorthBranchWhiteWater_ BeaverCreekWhiteWater

South Branch is slightly off color. Middle Branch looked gin clear and North Branch is still chocolate milk. I only needed to do a drive by to realize this. Beaver Creek WW is gin clear. Water temp was 36 degrees farenheit at 1:10 pm with the air holding at 38 degrees farenheit . Trout Valley Creek is running clear and getting pounded.

I spent a few hundred dollars on books in Chicago to help me ID the bugs. I hope this helps everybody. Sample taking per 6″ mossy rock.

There were lots of anglers out and still lots of snow left in the valley. use caution when driving a Geo Metro on a low maintenence road. You might go into the ditch and have to pull it out the old fashioned way.