8:30 pm – sunday – We are back up. Sorry for the delay. I have realized that I have lost a few notes for a few of the streams. Sorry for that. Everything is up to date. take care. 3-14-04

7 hours later I still have yet to accomplish as much as I would’ve liked to. Insect and wildflower pages are still a ways off and I still have yet to update the reports. I will get those done tomorrow. 3-14-04

I am rearranging this site. For the regulars please excuse this, but I assure you that the new format will be cleaner and better organized. I will be adding mayfly, wildflower, and caddis fly ID pages very soon. Look for that. 3-13-03

Steelheading has started slow. The rivers are mud and blown out. I have a week. 3-8-04

I have put more reports up, a few to go. I am unsure if I will get them up before steelheading this weekend but we’ll see! 3-04-04

This site is here to offer weekly updates including fishing reports from 3 reigions of the Mid-west – Chicago, IL, (Lake Michigan Reports), WInona, MN, (SE MN, NE IA, SW WI, river reports), Albert Lea, MN, (Lakes region reports). Check back weekly for comprehensive reports. Bear with us, we are new and still working out the bugs!! if you have any questions or concerns please email me….. hsershen@hbci.com …or leave a note on the message board.

Tight Lines…..

Last update….3-2-04