We left Chicago, at 9:30 AM to go and fish the steelhed run at Salt Creek Indiana. The team consisted of myself and Team Mongofly pro’s Shawn Sershen and Dan Grant from Chicago. The Creek was disappointingly brown and the flows were up. But we new fish were in there. Ai temp 45 degrees farhenheit, water temp 40 degrees farenheit. Their was a nice midge hatch coming off all day. Tans, blacks and creams, sizes 18-26.

With the mud soup of a creek and fast flows we knew that the fish would be holding tight and hard to spot. Fortunately the guys I went with know their sport. After 10 minutes of walking downstream from the access point DG spots a pair of fish holding. First cast with the number 4 crystal bugger moves the fish to take the fly. Fish on. DG was fishing a 5 wt. Winston rod. Fortunately the fish must’ve just gotten done spawing and didn’t have enough oomph in him to take DG into the brush.

We fished until 3:00PM, downstream and upstream. 3 more hook-ups but no more fish landed.